Bad Credit

The Side Effects of Bad Credit

How Bad Credit Can Affect You

When you apply for a bad credit loan, the side effects of that loan can be long-lasting and can haunt you for the rest of your life. A bad credit, such as a car title loan, loan can be impossible to keep up with and when you do not make your credit payments on a regular basis, it will definitely result in a bad credit. Bad credit is often brought about by the total amount of debt that you are carrying, as well as the timeliness of your payments.

Although it may not seem like a big deal at first, bad credit can make your life a living hell. For instance, it can make it difficult for you to get a job or even live in your dream home. If you are currently ignoring your bills and payments, it is critical that you sit down and organize your finances so that you can start figuring out your debt. Here is how bad credit can affect you: Continue reading


4 Frugal Things You Can Do To Boost Your Budgeting Power

Budgeting is not something that people are too excited about. It’s a necessary part of life, and while many people begrudgingly do it, others aren’t so quick to jump on board as it is a boring topic to pursue in a relationship, or even when going through life solo. If you’re not a fan of charts and trying to figure out where every single penny is going, then you should take into consideration the following 4 frugal things that can help you jump start your quest for better budgeting. These simple things can help you stretch your dollar, and see that going on a budget doesn’t mean that you are going to starve, or lose all entertainment solutions. Continue reading

DIY Projects

Save Money By Tackling These Home Improvement Projects On Your Own

When it comes to home improvement, you do not always have to call an expert. There are plenty of home repairs that can be DIY-ed even by individuals that lack the experience or the skills needed to tackle home repairs. Thanks to online resources such as YouTube and home improvement blogs, today’s homeowners have the capacity to tackle anything, within reason of course.

Do You Need To Hire A Pro?

Rather than pay a professional to do the work for you, DIY home improvement projects allow you to save money. Additionally, when those extremely annoying problems in your home are fixed, they can allow you to concentrate on other things that need fixing. There are plenty of home improvement projects that can be tackled by beginners that include: Continue reading

Will waiting to make investments make a significant difference?

Simply stated, the sooner that you put your money to work, the greater the benefits will be over time. In fact, when you make your investment can actually have a far greater impact on your retirement than the amount of money you invest.

Here’s an example. Suppose you started investing $100 a month in a variety of stocks when you were 25. Assuming you averaged 8% annual return on your money, you would have about $18,500 after 10 years. If you decided to stop investing and just let that sit, you would still have accumulated over $200,000 by age 65! Now, suppose you wait until you are 45 and started to invest $250 a month. Given the same annual rate of return, you would invest $60,000 and end up with only about $148,000 by age 65. Continue reading

Business Economics

Business Economics

Defining ‘Business Economics’

Business economics is best described as the field of applied economics that is primarily devoted to studying the organizational, financial,  market-related and environmental challenges that corporations face. Business decisions are made by effectively utilizing economic theory and quantitative methodology. Subjects such as business organization, management, expansion, and market strategy are all analyzed in Business economics. Studies might include how and why a company would expand, the impact of entrepreneurs, the interactions among individual corporations and the effect of governmental regulation.

‘Business Economics’ Broken Down

Economics refers to the study of the components and functions of a particular marketplace or economy, such as the impact of the concept of scarcity, and supply and demand. Other important subjects of study within an economy are production factors, distribution methods, and consumption. Continue reading